raw cuts: Experimental Music by Sever Tipei

This CD was supposed to be released by


According to the agreement signed by Mr. Daniele Maggiore and me on January 17, 1995, he committed himself to"print the CDs within three months starting from the date of the delivery of the recording ". The DAT and program notes were delivered on December 20, 1996. I received a sample of the CD and booklet shortly after March 1, 1997 and asked for corrections in the booklet. By July 1997, Mr. Maggiore sent the proofs back to me which I approved and, as a result, paid him the second and last installement of the production fee. I haven't been able to contact him since.

I understand that there are other people who have had difficulties in doing business with Mr. Maggiore. I am considering a law suit in the Italian courts. If you know anything about this person and/or had a similar experience, please contact me.


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