Brett Terry

Brett Terry is a doctoral student in Composition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Music as well as Master's student in Computer Science. He currently serves as the Systems Administrator for the Computer Music Project (CMP), and is a member of the CMP Advisory Committee and the Experiental Music Studios (EMS) User Advisory Committee. His composition teachers include William Brooks, Scott Wyatt, and Erik Lund at UIUC and Neely Bruce and Ron Kuivila at Wesleyan University (CT).

His works have been performed by the University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, the Wesleyan Orchestra, and the Wesleyan Singers. He has written works for chorus, orchestra, and chamber ensembles, in addition to several electro-acoustic pieces. Software designed and developed by Mr. Terry include ScoreViews -- an Object-oriented approach to Music Synthesis (for X/Motif) and CASPAR -- Software for the Refinement of Dictation Strategies (for Macintosh)

Recent Conference papers: