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The University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios - founded in 1958

Electroacoustic music activities at the School of Music have earned the University of Illinois an international reputation as a leader in the field of contemporary art music. Known for significant creative and technical developments in electronic and computer music composition, the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios were founded in 1958 by Lejaren Hiller and were the among the first of their kind in the western hemisphere. Faculty members and students working in these studios have been responsible for many of the developments in electroacoustic music over the years including the first developments in computer sound synthesis by Lejaren Hiller, the Harmonic Tone Generator by James Beauchamp, expanded gestural computer synthesis by Herbert BrĂ¼e creation of the Sal-Mar Construction by Salvatore Martirano, and acousmatique sound diffusion/multi-channel sound immersive techniques researched and applied by Scott Wyatt in electroacoustic music and performance. Today the facility continues as an active and productive center for electroacoustic and computer music composition, education and research. The present facilities include nine specially designed studios for sound generation, processing, and recording. Scott Wyatt, composer and Professor of composition and theory, serves as the director of the Experimental Music Studios with Professor Sever Tipei serving as manager of the EMS Computer Music Project. Access to all EMS facilities is primarily through course enrollment. Music students working within the studios include: composition majors, performance majors, music education majors and musicology majors. Numerous non-music major students (including students from Theatre, Dance, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Liberal Arts and Science, Physics, Biology and Computer Science) also regularly enroll in EMS courses.

Numerous prestigious awards have been won by faculty and students for their work in the studios, among them:

The mission of the University of Illinois School of Music is to advance the art of music and its related disciplines. It seeks to educate students in the various fields of the profession and to promote an understanding of music on the campus and in the larger community. The School endeavors to preserve diverse repertories and cultural traditions while also creating opportunities for artistic, intellectual, technological, and scholarly innovation in the realm of music. It is dedicated to excellence in research, performance, composition, and teacher education, undertaken in a spirit of collaboration among its own constituents, as well as with those of the College of Fine and Applied Arts and the University at large.

The School of Music's Composition-Theory Division is recognized internationally for its innovations, diversity, instruction and excellent performance resources. As one of the country's largest composition departments, it offers unique research opportunities and maintains the highest standards for the composition and performance of new music.

This collection of compositions by faculty, alumni, and students is a celebration of its 50th anniversary, and was funded by the University of Illinois School of Music. A more detailed set of program notes and biographical information can be found at: http://ems.music.uiuc.edu/

Visit us at: http://ems.music.uiuc.edu, http://www.music.uiuc.edu


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