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Experimental Music Studios

[Studio C] Experimental Music Studio C

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The Experimental Music Studio at the University of Illinois, 1958-68: Environment, People, Activities
by Emanuele Battisti

Investigative Studies on Sound Diffusion/Projection
by Scott A. Wyatt

Sound Diffusion/Projection Terminology
by Scott A. Wyatt

Analysis Areas of Electroacoustic Music Compositions for Sound Diffusion/Projection
by Scott A. Wyatt

D-8 Sound Diffusion/Projection Trajectory Terminology
by Scott A. Wyatt

Manifold Compositions, Music Visualization, and Scientific Sonification in an Immersive Virtual-Reality Environment [Acrobat .pdf file]
by Sever Tipei

Comments, Memories, and Tributes by Alumni!
[Studio D] Experimental Music Studio D

Studio Hardware and Specifications

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Examples of compositions created within EMS

All works here are copyrighted and remain the property of the composer or publisher. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Do not use for concert performances. Should you wish a performance-quality version, please contact EMS.

Andrew Walters: IN -> EX (1998) [7:35]
composition for two-channel tape

Paul A. Oehlers: Archetypal Infusion: MemEry2k (2000) [7:24]
composition for harp and electroacoustic music

Paul A. Oehlers: Residual Impact (2001) [7:30]
composition for steel drum and electroacoustic music

David Psenicka: 0000 (2001) [6:38]
composition for four-channel electroacoustic music

Bradford Blackburn: Annulus (2004) [5:12]

Minsoo Cho: Smoky Mountains (2003) [9:22]

Jake Rundall: Within/Without (2005) [6:02]

Timothy Ernest Johnson: Electric Meditation (2004) [6:38]

Bradley Decker: Podia for Piano and Electronics (2004) [9:52]

Kyong Mee Choi: Sublimation (2004) [5:00]

Ed Martin: Apparitions (2004) [7:18]

EMS composition awards

* The American Dance Festival
* ASCAP/SEAMUS Young Composer Commissions
* BMI Composition awards
* Concorso Internazionale Luigi Russolo Foundation Competition, Italy
* Gaudeamus International Composition Competition Amsterdam, Netherlands
* International Society for Contemporary Music - National Composers Competition, New York
* International Electro-acoustic Music Competition - Bourges, France
* International Confederation of Electro-acoustic Music Awards - Bourges, France
* Joseph Jefferson Theatre Awards, Chicago
* Minnesota Composers Forum Awards
* National Endowment for the Arts Awards and Grants
* National Science Foundation Awards and Grants
* Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States Honors
* UNESCO Music and Technology Awards

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