April 7


Rationalism, Structure, Science

0. Xenakis - Hiller. System music and process music. Hiller's attitude. Experimentation. Why is Xenakis important.

* * *

Ideology and the Individual

1. Ideology Rationalism in the Middle Ages - Aristotle's logic. The Scholastics, Thomas d'Aquinas. Saint Augustine. Musical metaphor (Shopenhauer).

Aesthetics: the angels provide the author with a glimpse of the true beauty. Authorship. Medieval thinking in general.

2. Zen. What is it.

Ta tvam assi - you are all this. Nirvana and the nothingness. Big (fundamental) Mind and small mind (Schopenhauer's WILL). Words get in the way. Satori or the sudden illumination; Koans. Zen pedagogy.

3. Cage and Chance Music. New York Zen. Authorship; the role of art/music. Chance operations; form is no form. Limits to the lack of form.

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