March 10


Imitating Nature in its mode of operation...

0. From Day V: Debussy and Proust: "Le temps retrouve".

1. Music is not (always) a language. Gentle exit from tonality. Debussy's tools; audience.

2. Complexity. How it is related to entropy, organization, structure, etc. Ilya Prigogine's Being and becoming: order out of chaos. Complexity in Nature and Cage's statement about imitating Nature's mode of operation. The paradox of realism in art. Almost everybody at the end of 19th century claimed to realistically present something. How much it is ignored even in a realistic work.
The question of grainage. See Murray Gell Mann.

* * *

Rationalism, Structure, Science.

3. Intro to the chapter. Coherence between Science, Arts and Philosophy: Newton, Bach, Kant. The Enlightment. Classical mechanics and relativity. Art for art's sake. Structuralism and sound parameters.

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