Feb. 10


Schopenhauer and Wagner

01. Intro. We are going to have to delay some of the presentations, maybe up to Spring Break.

02. More about Liszt:

1. Schopenhauer - The World as Will and Representation. Influence of past philosophers on the arts: Hegel's thesis-antithesis-synthesis and the sonata form; Kant: the thing in itself. Schopenhauer's theory:

2. Wagner's development of Schopenhauer's ideas. Glosses over Schopenhauer's naive musical examples (the bass, the melody, etc. Rossini as an great composer...). mentions Beethoven. Takes from Schopenhauer the idea of visual arts needing light (=rational understanding) and opposes the world of sound (=intuitive understanding). The NIGHT=Death. Lohengrin and Elsa = rational and intuitive knowledge. with the intuitive being the superior knowledge. The whole second act of Tristan as Night. Only Death can fulfill their love, only in death can they be totally united - by surpassing their own individuality.

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