May 5


An Emerging Paradigm

0. About Open Works again.

Class of compositions and various performances of the same (strictly notated) work: a matter of degree.

* * *

1. The new paradigm. A summary of the present trends and guesses about the future.

A. World view (WHAT).

Possible historygrams; present understanding of the structure of matter and of the history of the universe.

B. Tools/craft (HOW). The use of computers an answer to the complexity of the task. Mathematics - the language of the abstract. The computer as a collaborator to deal with:

Needed: programmers; knowledge of psychoacoustics, mathematics; imagination; creativity (a composer...).

C. The Composer (WHO). The Principal Investigator in a team. No longer a dominant personality injecting his/her subjectiveness. Attitude:

The composer seen/behaving more and more like a scientist.

D. The Work - Product (WHICH). Innovators and plagiators, they both are still creating objects. Challenging the idea of an art object.

E. Audience (TO WHOM). An intellectual elite appreciates both art music and sonification. New, emerging means to disseminate original works: the Internet.

Music in your living room specially composed (manifold variants) for your entertainment center. Social aspect: is this the new salon ?

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