April 21


Ideology and the Individual (cont.)

0. Return to DADA. Tristan Tzara and Huelsenbeck expressing two tendencies in the movement. Irrationality as intellectual anarchism. Randomness. The absurd (Ionesco). Dada as a moral stand.

Dada and the 60s. A "popular" revival - social conditions. LaMonte Young, Happenings. Audiences.

1. Existentialism. Individual freedom; living the present moment; the problem of suicide; honesty and moral integrity.

Relationship with artistic trends: Critique of structuralist thinking.

2. Individuals at odds with the society. Experimenting: thought, art, and reality.

The image of the "artist" now and then (from the Middle Ages to present).

3. Quantum Theory. Uncertainty and possible historygrams.

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