Music 408 E - Analysis of Music Form

Spring 2015

Final Test

  1. Define five out of the eight following terms. For each of them give at least one example of composer and work that can be connected to the term.
    First definition:
    	Composer:			Work:
    Second definition:
    	Composer:			Work:
    Third definition:
    	Composer:			Work:
    Fourth definition:
    	Composer:			Work:
    Fifth definition:
    	Composer:			Work:

    20 points

  2. Write a short essay on one of the following topics. Mention the technical aspects of this technique or trend, trace its roots, and the aesthetics associated with it. Give as many examples of composers and works associated with it as you can. If applicable, refer to articles discussed in class.

    50 points

  3. Analyze the following score fragment. Discuss the way various sound parameters: rhythm, pitch, instrumentation, etc. are organized and write about any special technique(s) present as well as about the notation of this fragment. Who do you think is the composer ? Justify your guess.

30 points

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