First Creative Assignment

Due date: February 25, 2008

Write a short piece (15-40 bars) either for a solo instrument or voice or for voice accompanied by an instrument. Use the following poem:

and the following scale:

Pay attention to any unusual occurrence in the poem (the space between the first line and the rest of the text, the open ending, the lack of punctuation marks, capital vs. lower case letters at the beginning of various lines, repeated words, number of syllables, how many nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. are employed, the length of each line, syntax, etc., etc.). Try to find musical analogies for as many of your findings as you can.

Use Edgard Varese's Density 21.5 as an example of how to construct an atonal melodic line from a small collection of pitches and materials derived from them. At the same time, pay attention to the rhythmic variety displayed in that work.

Keep in mind Messiaen's modal and rhythmic techniques as well as Webern's way of developing melodic cells and/or relating every sound in the piece to a rather simple motive.

You may use transpositions or modifications of the given scale as you wish as long as they are clearly derived from it.

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