Music 108 - Aural Skills II
June 17 Get acquainted; general testing; organizational. Binary rhythms (whole note to 16th).
19 Diatonic scales and modes. Triads. Inversions. Main and secondary functions. Syncopations. Diatonic modulations.
24 Dominant 7th. chords. Non-dominat diatonic 7th. chords. Binary and ternary subdivisions (including sextuplets)
26 Secondary dominants.
Test # 1 (graded): Melodic & harmonic intervals.
July 1 Neapolitan chords. Two simultaneous parts rhythms. Chromatic modulations.
3 Augmented 6th. chords. 32nd rhythms (binary and ternary subdivisions)
Test # 2 (graded): Triads and 7th. chords.
8 Augmented 6th. chords. Chromatic modulations.
10 Individual Testing (graded).
15 Altered dominant 7th. chords. Quintuplets.
17 Augmented triads and 7th. chords based on augmented triads. Enharmonic re-spelling. Third relationships (modulation).
Test # 3 (graded): melodic dictation.
22 "Fully diminished" 7th. Compound meter. Enharmonic modulations.
24 "Raised II" and "Raised VI" chords.
Test # 4 (graded): 3-4 part dictation.
29 9th. chords, incomplete 9th. chords. Septuplets and smaller subdivisions
31 11th. and 13th. chords. Other aggregates.
Aug. 5 Individual Testing (graded).