Music 104


Fall 1997

The final exam is comprehensive and it will include the following types of questions:

  1. Identify three terms and name composers and works associated with each of them. (15 points)
  2. Write a tone-row matrix. (20 points)
  3. Identify the author of a quote, explain your guess, and discuss it. (20 points)
  4. Describe a piece we talked about in class (one of two choices). (15 points)
  5. Analyze a fragment of a score (attached). (30 points)

Click here for a list of terms (1).

Click here for a list of works (4).

Click here for a chart of artistic tendencies in the last 100+ years.

I will be available Monday through Thursday next week between 2-3 pm for review sessions. We will meet in Rm 2100 or by the door if it is occupied.

You can contact Sever Tipei at 333-6689, visit our offices during office hours or

email (but try to use WebBoard first so others could benefit from the discussion):

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