Non-tonal Centricity

September 22, 1997

"Free Atonal Music". Anton Webern's Song Op. 3, No. 1 as an example of an atonal work which has a very strict pitch structure while, at the same time, not following any particular u "system".

Looking at the vocal part, one discovers that a five sound cell is transposed, embelished and slightly distorted to generate the entire voice part of this song (">" stands for "flat"):

	Bar 1-2     D   D>  E>      G>  F       A>  (E  B>)
            3       D>              F   E   C#  G    D	
            4       E>              G   F#      A    E
            8       C               E   D#      F#   C#
            9-10    D   D>  E>  G   G>  F       A>  (E  B>)


		D D> E> G> ==>  G> E> D> D (G)
				G  E  D  E> A>

With a little patience, one could demonstrate how all the sounds in this short composition were derived from the 5 note cell mentioned above.

Expressionism. The extremely intimate feelings and the unusually soft general dynamic of this song as an example of expressionist art.

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