October 15, 16, & 20, 1997

Aleatory Music

Stockhausen's approach. The "field of possibilities" and "margin of error" mentioned in his article ( time passes.... Examples of aleatory works:

Boulez and aleatorism. A relativistic point of view (multiple choices). Stephane Mallarme, Le Livre Examples of works:

Improvisation as part of Western musical culture: the figured bass, cadenzas for concerti, jazz. Part of folklore and other traditional cultures.

Freedom given to the performer either to fill in some details (boxes with instructions) or to re-arrange the modules of a piece. Calder's mobile sculptures.

Existentialism. Hidegger, Sartre, Camus, etc.

The beatnicks in the US. Be-bop jazz and Lenny Bruce.

The "momente" form. Stockhausen's Momente . Alain Robbe-Grillet - Pour a nouveau roman, against skin-deep reality. Critique of 19th century storytelling.

Regarding art (music) not as an object (commercial) but as a living thing. Not a ritual (concert) but part of our daily activities (life).

Class of Compositions. An archetype which allows for an arbitrary number of realizations or variants. Plus Minus by Stockhausen. Open Works. Umberto Eco - The Role of the Reader.

Chance music as a snapshot which is reproduced (viewed) exactly the same everytime (the piece is performed from a precisely notated score). Aleatory music and open works as a pattern which is realized everytime in a slightly different way.

Textkomposition. Stockhausen - "Aus den sieben Tagen ". Compositions involving only text (instructions or poems). La Monte Young and his "Compositions 1960".

Concept art.

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