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Electro-Acoustic / Computer Music Courses Offered at the University of Illinois

The School of Music offers the following courses in electro-acoustic music and computer music:

  1. Music402:
    Musical Acoustics - discusses the theory and applications of resonators, wave motion, resonances of strings and pipes, perception of loudness, pitch and timbre.
    Prerequisite: Music 101, Mathematics 012 or equivalent.
    Credit: 3 hrs.

  2. Music 404:
    Contemporary Compositional Techniques - Studies in specialized areas of composition for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Sections of this course often include algorithmic systems, sound systems and interactive music systems.
    Prerequisite: Music 106, Music 202 and Music 208 or consent of instructor.
    Credit: 2 hours.

  3. Music 407:
    Electro-Acoustic Music Techniques I - Introduces electroacoustic music; including historical background and context, music literature, relevant concepts of acoustics and psychoacoustics, techniques of notation and realization, appropriate interfacing of consumer/professional audio equipment, basic techniques of sound synthesis, techniques of analog and digital recording, editing, mixing and processing, basic computer workstation use for recording audio and control signals, and compositional application in the areas of musique concrete, electronic music and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) technology as applied to electroacoustic concert art music. Prerequisite: Junior, senior, or graduate standing in music or completion of Music 104 and consent of instructor.
    Credit: 3 hours.
    This class meets 3 times each week plus a weekly 3 hour lab. OFFERED IN THE FALL SEMESTER ONLY.

  4. Music 409:
    Electro-Acoustic Music Techniques II - Intermediate study and use of MIDI synthesizers, sound design, audio engineering techniques and digital audio recording/editing/processing in music composition, and the study of compositional, technical, and performance considerations as applied to electro-acoustic concert art music. Each student will have lab times for compositional assignments.

    Prerequisite: Music 407 or placement into Music 409 by examination.
    Credit: 2 hours2 unit.
    This class meets 2 times each week plus a weekly 3 hour lab. OFFERED IN THE SPRING SEMESTER ONLY.

  5. Music 499: section C:
    Proseminar: Advanced Studio Techniques - The focus of this course is designed to improve and further refine student compositional and engineering awareness and skills for electroacoustic music composition within a studio setting. This is accomplished through demonstrations, listening sessions, question/answer sessions and critiques. A secondary goal of the course is to assist students achieve a level of compositional and engineering confidence and competence that will prepare their future creative works for acceptance to national and international festivals and competitions. In addition to various assigned exercises and class attendance, students are asked to complete a specifically assigned electroacoustic composition by the end of the semester.

    Prerequisite: Music 409 or equivalent.
    Credit: 2 hours.
    This course is generally repeated for numerous semesters. OFFERED EACH FALL AND SPRING SEMESTER.

  6. Music 503:
    Computer-assisted Composition - a critical evaluation of ways computers are used to write music followed by a detailed presentation of a program for composing music.
    Prerequisite: Music 403 and elementary knowledge of programming orconsent of instructor.
    Credit: 4 hrs.

  7. Music 424:
    Musical Informatics - A 21st century approach to music theory: fundamental elements of music illustrated through logical and mathematical concepts, unencumbered by stylistic considerations. Defines the internal structure of sounds and presents a few general methods of organizing them into complex compositions. Intended for musicians having limited familiarity with mathematics, as well as scientifically inclined students with little musical background.
    Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
    Credit: 3 hrs.

  8. Music 448:
    Introduction to Computer Music - Introduction to the multiple ways computers are used in music, with an emphasis on digital sounds synthesis and composition. Elements of acoustics, psychoacoustics, and programming are introduced in order to allow students to use and modify the existing software DISSCO/SoundMaker developed at UIUC.
    Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
    Credit: 3 hrs.

  9. Music 199:
    Music, Science, and Technology - an introduction for non-music majors to the use of computers in music and of sound in the analysis of complex scientific data.
    Credit: 1 hr.

  10. Music 499B:
    Project-oriented Computer Music - Proseminar dedicated to concrete Computer Music applications developed by the participants. Individual projects or group projects may be chosen from the following categories: creation of new compositions, software development, theoretical papers, historical approaches, original projects.
    Credit: 3 hrs.

  11. Music 499E:
    Advanced Computer Music - This seminar is open to students who have an interest in Computer Music (digital sample synthesis, computer-assisted composition, automatic music notation) as well as in the visualization of music and sonification of complex scientific data. Good C++ programming skills are required. Credit: 2 or 4 hrs.