CMP Activities and Compositions


Sample Compositions Realized in CMP

Among the works realized in the Computer Music Project are:

  • John Nichols III - Headbanger (2012)
  • Sean Harold Etude (2012)
  • Sean Harold, johnsvib (2011)
  • "figer", computer-assisted composition for computer generated sounds by Sever Tipei
  • " HB with G & E", computer-assisted composition for computer generated sounds by Sever Tipei
  • "Trilimital Adversary : Cold Cuts", for trumpet, string bass, percussion, piano and computer-generated tape by Zack Browning
  • "Alto Rhapsody", for alto saxophone and computer by John Melby
  • "Aga Matter", for piano and tape and "Rice Matters", for tape by Sever Tipei
  • "The Sand Child", for soprano and tape by Lydia Ayres
  • "Raw Data" by Robin Bargar
  • "Prelude: Electricity" by David Bohn
  • "Radio Music" by James Bohn
  • "A Bit, A Curve, Alas, A Wave" by Arun Chandra
  • "Prelude" by Jong Byung-Young
  • "lit", "Intra", and "Shadowing Lemma" by Insook Choi
  • "Du Temps Perdu" and "Gubu" by Donnacha Dennehy
  • "The Annunciation" and "Binary Babble" by Chris Gennaula
  • "Telescope II" and "Symphony 7" by Camille Goudeseune and Kelly Fitz
  • "Onslaught" "METALSTOCKHARDWARESOLOW", "Uninduced Approximation" and "u transformed i union d" by Benjamin Grosser
  • "Free-fall", "Listing" and "Artifacts" by Michael Hamman
  • "An Erudite Barnyard" and "Digital Brew" by Joseph Jurek
  • "Take it Together, Put it Apart" by David Kelley
  • "Moments", for violin and tape by Jonathan Mitchell
  • "Pearl Before" by Andrew Walters
  • "Amen" by Ray Watts



Public Activities

The Computer Music Project periodically organizes concerts of computer-generated tapes with and without live performers which were produced either at the University of Illinois or other computer music centers. CMP guest composers and researchers involved in computer music are often invited to make presentations at the Composers Forums sponsored by the Composition-Theory division of the School of Music. Music by University of Illinois Composers is featured on the Computer Music Series volume 3 compact disk released by the Consortium for the Distribution of Computer Music (CDCM). A few CDs created using CMP are: Raw Cuts, Experimental Music by Sever Tipei produced at the University of Illinois and Funktasia - Music by Zach Browning and Sever Tipei (CRC2834).

Among other activities organized by CMP are workshops and the 1987 International Computer Music Conference, the second such forum to take place at the University of Illinois.